Jyotsana Parmar

Fellowship Head
Jyotsana is one brilliant woman one can think of when you talk about Service and Gratitude in social sector. She was born and raised in ‘Ramapir No Tekro’, a huge slum across Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad. She has wide experience of eight years working for issues like health,education and livelihood activities for women and adolescent girls through her engagement in Rudra Center for Women Empowerment of Gramshree Trust.Currently she serves as a Research Associate at Craftroots organization where her role is to design and foster internships and volunteer engagements aligning with Gandhian values.  She has also been instrumental in anchoring and facilitating Stanford University’s research project at Gandhi Ashram in the form of designing a curriculum for the ‘Adolescent Girls Program’ in collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Keller. Through Love India Fellowship, she will strengthen the local rural communities and link them with selected fellows. Her profile also demands timely interaction with grassroot stakeholders like Village Sarpanch, local government authorities and women & youth leaders. She is hoping that through Love India Fellowship, she can be an inspiration for girls who wish to empower themselves for leading a more meaningful and fulfilling life by deepening their connection to themselves and their community.