Focus Areas​

Love India fellows are expected to carry out a need gap analysis both in terms of soft and hard issues, and in turn design and implement initiatives with the help of local village community and become an integral part of Rural India.

During the selection process, we will focus on the skill sets of potential fellows to match them with appropriate social development projects. The fellows are likely to undertake the following activities defining their own Focus Area.

i. Primary Education of rural children
ii. Vocational Education to enhance the creative ability
iii. Value based education to inculcate Life Skills iv. Involvement in Anganwadi activities
v. Environmental Education by planting saplings
i. Indoor and Outdoor Activities Orientation
ii. Revival of Traditional and local sports
iii. Regular hosting of Fitness activities
iv. Support Sportsmanship Spirit
v. Promote Team work in Sports to curb Casteism
vi. Outdoor Gym Activity
i. Nutrition
ii. Awareness about Preventive Healthcare services
iii. Alternative Therapy sessions
iv. Yoga and Meditation
v. Organizing Health camps
vi. Maternal Health and Newborn Care awareness and training campaigns
vii. Government health schemes information
viii. Integrated mobile health clinics
i. Solid Waste Management
ii. Personal hygiene
iii. Drinking water source
iv. Waste disposal
v. Toilet awareness
vi. Cleanliness Drive
i. Organic Farming and Demonstration Centres
ii. Water harvesting Techniques
iii. Tree Plantation
iv. Knowledge based Trainings and Agricultural practices
v. Tie-ups with institutes like Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) and other Universities
i. Dairy Management
ii. Building Habitats for Animals
iii. Proper fencing for pet animals
iv. Animal health prevention programs
i. Importance of Praying and Meditation
ii. Doing Acts of Kindness- One practice for saving mother earth and discovering own passion
iii. Moral Education
iv. Motivate other fellows and volunteers
v. Inculcate the concept of being ‘Selfless’ and giving back to society

Love India Villages