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The aim of Love India Fellowship is to curate an exciting experience for selected fellows and lending a hand to strengthen the next generation social entrepreneurs devoted to create a positive change in the rural regions of Gujarat and to facilitate change through self-motivated young volunteers and change makers’ at the most fundamental unit of democracy- Villages of India.

Love India is that platform which allows enthusiastic young men and women to become the catalyst in transforming villages of India and develop their skills, resources, and network needed to become an efficient change maker. The fellows will be an accumulation of Head (creative minds), Hand (hardworking arms) and Heart (compassion) that will set out on a mission to ‘Be the change they wish to see in the world.’ This will give you an opportunity to become a part of the solution and a change agent in the society. Fellows selected for the fellowship will be designated as ‘Love India Mitra’

You are eligible if you are:

  • ->18 years or elder at the time of application.
  • ->Any citizen across the globe
  • ->A spirit of Volunteerism and commitment to give back to the society.
  • ->A dedicated team player with practical approach with strong leadership skills.
  • ->Possess good communication skills as you will be interacting with rural communities on a constant basis.
  • ->Independent problem solver.
  • ->Will be able to commit a 12 month residential fellowship programme and adapt to life in challenging rural conditions
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Love India will select 25 fellows and additional 7 executives (one for each focus area)

The fellows will execute their projects based on these SEVEN focus areas-

    I. Education
    II. Sports
    III. Preventive Healthcare
    IV. Sanitation
    V. Agriculture
    VI. Animal husbandry
    VII. Holistic development

Experience or strong desire to serve the society is more important than academic Degree for applying to Love India Fellowship. If you have the inner passion to create a change at the grass root level, you will definitely be able to find an opportunity to contribute to the allotted projects.

Love India will design an extensive 15 days Orientation Programme for fellows which will help you acquaint the entire one year fellowship experience. The orientation offers a thoughtful space for meaningful connection, engaged reflection, as well as personal and professional development.Orientation covers everything from team building to setting expectations, preparing your survey and project report, and guidance on how to immerse in the whole eco-system of Love India.These 15 days are the most crucial part of your fellowship. Make the most of it!

Monthly living stipend to meet fellows basic needs.

(The stipend is not a salary, but an amount designated to fellows to facilitate daily operations in villages)

We require two references which will be asked only if you reach second level of selection process. Your reference should be someone who is able to evaluate your mental ability, work ethic, communication skills and how competent you are for adapting new cultures.

It is ideal that you provide references familiar with you in a professional or volunteer experience. References cannot be family, relatives or friends.

Love India Fellowship will imbibe those unmatched skills in you which will prove to be an asset for shaping your future and ethics. After the completion of fellowship, you will develop vital leadership skills such as organization, communication, problem-solving in an unorganized segment, people management and documentation that are valuable in any sector.  The fellowship will guide you in areas like effective volunteerism and also make you understand the challenges one faces while carrying out an innovative and sustainable project. You will get to have first-hand experience on what it is to be to deal with root causes and further shaping your own development journey by yourself!

 Love India will accept applications for the Fellowship every year. If you are unable to consider joining the Fellowship at this time, we welcome you to consider applying for  the Fellowship in next year. Please email us at if you have additional queries.

Love India Fellowship is especially designed to foster your developmental journey from  the foundation of India, i.e. Villages. Spending quality 12 months time in rural areas will not only make you practical and action-oriented but also takes you one step closer to  the untouched issues which are pestering the local community.

The Fellowship is a residential full-time programme requiring you to stay in the project locations for the entire 12 month duration. To make your fellowship successful and to really make your efforts count, it is advised to give your complete attention to the Fellowship. There is absolutely no scope for part time engagements.  

The project sites are located at rural face of Gujarat state. Love India Fellowship will be carried out in 25 villages at one time by placing one fellow in one village. Those 25 villages will be pre-identified by us and we will place the fellows to the respective project locations as per their project and focus area selection.

Love India Fellowship will function on the concept of One Fellow- One Village.Approximately five fellows will be placed in one big cluster covering almost 7-10   villages.

Yes. Our village mitra and program coordinators are reputed and well-established in community with various decades of work experience at the grass root level with rural communities, which have earned them their required goodwill. The location of your stay is decided keeping in mind your safety and security.However, it is advised to be aware and alert and closely follow the advice of your local mentors.

Culture adaptability to stay in rural India is an integral part of the learning experience of Love India Fellowship. Irregular mobile connectivity, poor power supply and other concerns might help you to reduce your dependency on modern living. Challenges vary based on the project location, but your project mitra will always be at your rescue so don’t worry!

Daily tasks differ from village to village according to fixed focus area. After the orientation programme and survey of your chosen focus area, you will be defining your project in terms of its groundwork, structure and execution. Based on the requirements of your project, you will have to regulate your time interacting with the rural community, being a part of community activities and having to deal with an unpredictable work schedule.

Love India Oxford Internship

What is the Love India – Oxford Development Internship?

The Love India – Oxford Internship will welcome five exemplary students from the University of Oxford to Gujarat for a five week internship, beginning July 22nd and ending August 29th. Interns will be paired with a village in Gujarat, as well as a “Love India” Fellow who lives and works in that village. The internship will culminate in the collaborative design and, depending on its scope, implementation of a project for the benefit of villagers.

 The fellowship will last five weeks. The first week will be spent at ESIs campus, where the interns will receive training, education, and support before they head off to their assignments. After their first week in the village, interns will reunite at ESI for a two day community-building retreat. At the end of their time in Gujarat, interns will again return to ESIs campus to present a report on their project.




What is the goal of the internship?

The goal of the program is to promote development in the villages where the interns will be placed. We believe in and are prepared to place faith in the capacity of our interns to create a meaningful difference in the lives of the people with whom they work.


How can I apply?

The goal of the program is to promote development in the villages where the interns will be placed. We believe in and are prepared to place faith in the capacity of our interns to create a meaningful difference in the lives of the people with whom they work.


The Gramshree Trust is an NGO based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which works through various mediums to improve the standard of living of individuals through skill training, income generation opportunities, and capacity building.

The Environmental Sanitation Institute is an NGO, as well as an academic institute, located in Sughad, a quiet town outside of Gandhinagar, the political Capital of Gujarat. ESI was started in 1985 to promote sanitation in rural India. Since then, it has collaborated with governments, non-profits, and even leading universities, such as Stanford and Duke, in developmental and research efforts.

Interns are expected to, at minimum, have a basic ability to speak Hindi. Some preference will be given to applicants with oral and written fluency in Gujarati.

  • Though applicants from all backgrounds and interests are encouraged to apply, some preference will be applied to candidates with the following qualities:
  • Reading for a degree in one of the following, or related, subjects: medicine, engineering, human sciences, economics, anthropology, water science and policy, development studies, area studies
  • Experience working in the developing world, with a particular preference to candidates with experience working in India
  • Historical evidence of an interest in public benefit work

The Gramshree Trust will cover all the costs of field work. It will also cover all food, transport, and accommodation for interns.

The Gramshree Trust will not cover the cost of flights.

Love India fellows are recent graduates of development-related fields who spend a 12 month period living in a village and working on various projects. For example, one fellow, after graduating with their MA in Social Work, ended youth tobacco consumption and built a library in the village where they were placed. Heartened by this progress, they spent another three years living and working in that village. Interns will be placed with a Love India fellow, with whom they will work closely in assessing and building a project to meet the needs of their assigned village.

The intern will be expected to lead a crowd funding campaign to support the costs of the project which they will lead. It’s recommended that interns begin doing this upon acceptance, as the amount fundraised will be the biggest limiting factor on the nature of the project interns undertake.

After spending time in the field, it is likely that interns will have a collection of fascinating questions and experiences. The goal of the community-building retreat is to provide a conceptual bridge to turn those questions and experiences into a tangible project for the benefit of villagers.

It will also be a welcome break, where interns can pause from the intensity of field work to enjoy delicious food, nature, and great company.

Given the short length of the internship, it is important to start with some focus. Thus, prior to beginning the internship, interns will be asked to specify an area of focus from an array of seven options – education, agriculture, animal husbandry, sports, holistic development, sanitation, and preventative healthcare. The projects they undertake should be related to their selected area of focus.

You can email Parth Ahya –, or attend an information session in 5th week of Trinity Term 2019 at Keble College.