Love India Mitra Fellow’s information and Application

Personal information*:

Educational Background*:


Why did you choose to apply for Love India Fellowship? Please discuss some of your motivations and/or inspirations for wanting to do this fellowship.* (Minimum 100 words)
Which one value of yours do you appreciate most and how do you practice it in your daily life*?
Please describe your work and Involvement in your community including any volunteering experiences. Please share your experience when you were in a position of leadership and led a team, group of people or another person. What was your role/position? What goal did you achieve? What change did you bring in the community?* (minimum of 250 words)
What are your strengths? What skills do you possess that you think can help you become successful Love India fellow. (Minimum 100 words)*
Please summarize your biggest achievements in the last 4 years. What makes you particularly proud of them? What challenges did you face while achieving them? (Minimum 100 words)*
Please mention here how you FIRST heard about this opportunity (i.e. Face book, Internet Search,
NGO Box, Email announcement from Gramshree/Craft roots, etc).
Please mention here how you FIRST heard about this opportunity*

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Gramshree Trust volunteer Terms and Conditions

I am willing to serve as a volunteer/Fellow at Gramshree/Craft roots, located in Ranip/Bodakdev   in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. As a volunteer/Fellow, I will abide by all conditions shown below and any other that may be added to the list in future.

Honour codes

  • Volunteer shall lead a diet consisting of vegetarian diet.
  • Volunteer shall not use alcohol, tobacco products, or drugs.
  • Volunteer shall live accordingly to the standards of the community (that may include such things as clothing, visits by guest and/or hours kept)
  • If a volunteer resides in the guest house of Gramshree Trust, he/she shall ensure that the house is kept clean at all times and upon leaving, ensure the house is clean.
    • These terms and conditions are subjects to change.

    (Please read the above terms and conditions and sign below and submit a copy of your resume with this application form)