About Us

India is set to become the youngest country by 2020. Youth is now bound to become central axis to bring next set of changes in rural India. But another shocking revelation is also that 70% of India still resides in villages, which means there is an immense lack of access to basic fundamental provisions for the local community. Rural India fights with critical issues pertaining to the absence of efficient teachers at primary schools, the alarming need for basic health care services and lactopics for an informative speechk of awareness on sanitation, hygiene, and malnutrition etc. Referring to UNESCO Report, 47 million young men and women dropped out of school by the 10th standard and 1.2 million children died of preventable diseases in 2015 according to UNICEF. The leading challenge and opportunity for India right ntopics to write satire onow lies in identifying the role of youth in nation building as prospective innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, social change makers and as citizens of the country.

About Love India

The Love India Fellowship is a committed, 12-month residential service program matching bright and passionate minds that are eager to contribute towards building a better India. Fellows work on innovative and sustainable development projects. It is that platform which allows enthusiastic young men and women to become the catalyst in transforming villages of India and develop their skills, resources, and network needed to become an efficient change maker. Love India fellows will be an accumulation of Head (creative minds), Hand (hardworking arms) and Heart (compassion) that will set out on a mission to ‘Be the change they wish to see in the world.’ Fellows selected for the fellowship will be designated as ‘Love India Mitra’

The Love India Fellowship is an initiative of Gramshree to facilitate change through self-motivated young volunteers and change makers’ at the most fundamental unit of democracy- Villages of India.

About Gramshree

Gramshree was founded in 1995 by former Chief Minister of Gujarat and a profound women leader Smt. Anandiben Patel along with her daughter and a famous social entrepreneur and changemaker Anar Patel. It was started with the vision to empower and support women through income generation activities. In last 20 years, Gramshree has supported and trained thousands of women to be the catalysts of change in their families and communities ensuring a steady income.